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Wiadomosci, Bankowość i finanse, Komputery i internet, Motoryzacja, Film, Rozrywka. '-'.' Nowa matura z matematyki od 2023
• Kategoria: Matematyka Europejczyka
• Stron: , mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Grayna Czenskowska

Podstawy teorii aproksymacji w zadaniach
• Kategoria: Matematyka Europejczyka
• Stron: 340, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Leokadia Biaas-Cie, Tomasz Kobos, Grzegorz Lewicki

Practical Linear Algebra for Data Science
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 328, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Mike X Cohen
If you want to work in any computational or technical field, you need to understand linear algebra. As the study of matrices and operations acting upon them, linear algebra is the mathematical basis of nearly all algorithms and analyses implemented in computers.]]>

Ubuntu 22.04. Kurs video. Zosta administratorem Linux
• Kategoria: linux
• Stron: 0, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Piotr Koka

Building a Cyber Resilient Business
• Kategoria: Bezpieczestwo systemw
• Stron: 191, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Magda Chelly, Shamane Tan, Hai Tran
With the constant and increasing number of cyberattacks, it has become essential for C-suite executives and board members to step up and collectively recognize cyber risks as a top priority business risk.]]>

Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense Strategies - Third Edition
• Kategoria: Bezpieczestwo systemw
• Stron: 689, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Yuri Diogenes, Dr. Erdal Ozkaya
Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense Strategies, Third Edition will bring you up to speed with the key aspects of threat assessment and security hygiene, the current threat landscape and its challenges, and how to maintain a strong security posture.]]>

Data Quality Fundamentals
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 312, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Barr Moses, Lior Gavish, Molly Vorwerck
Do your product dashboards look funky? Are your quarterly reports stale? Is the data set you're using broken or just plain wrong? These problems affect almost every team, yet they're usually addressed on an ad hoc basis and in a reactive manner.]]>

Algebra i jej zastosowania
• Kategoria: Matematyka Europejczyka
• Stron: 230, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Anna Romanowska

JavaScript. Kurs video. Pierwsze kroki w programowaniu
• Kategoria: JavaScript - Programowanie
• Stron: 0, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Grzegorz Godlewski

Learn C Programming - Second Edition
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 742, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Jeff Szuhay
The foundation for many modern programming languages such as C++, C#, JavaScript, and Go, C is widely used as a system programming language as well as for embedded systems and high-performance computing.]]>

Wiadomosci, Bankowość i finanse, Komputery i internet, Motoryzacja, Film, Rozrywka. '-'.'