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Wiadomosci, Bankowość i finanse, Komputery i internet, Motoryzacja, Film, Rozrywka. '-'.' Network Protocols for Security Professionals
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 541, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Deepanshu Khanna, Yoram Orzach
Network security plays an important role in securing IT infrastructures against attacks. The increased demand for computer systems, and the ever-evolving internet, has allowed people to find vulnerabilities and infiltrate into organizations through their network.]]>

Argo CD in Practice
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 237, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Spiros Economakis, Liviu Costea
GitOps follows the practices of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allowing developers to use their day-to-day tools and practices such as source control and pull requests to manage apps. With this book, you'll understand how to apply GitOps bootstrap clusters in a repeatable manner, build CD pipelines for cloud native apps running on Kubernetes, and minimize the failure of deployments.]]>

Building a Cyber Resilient Business
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 163, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Magda Chelly, Shamane Tan, Hai Tran
With the constant and increasing number of cyberattacks, it has become essential for C-suite executives and board members to step up and collectively recognize cyber risks as a business risk and a top priority.]]>

Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense Strategies - Third Edition
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 799, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Yuri Diogenes, Dr. Erdal Ozkaya
Cybersecurity - Attack and Defense Strategies, Third Edition familiarizes you with the key aspects of threat assessment and security hygiene, the current threat landscape and its challenges, and how to maintain a strong security posture.]]>

Python for Finance Cookbook - Second Edition
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 626, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Eryk Lewinson
Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the financial industry, with a huge collection of accompanying libraries. In this new edition of the Python for Finance Cookbook, you'll explore classical quantitative finance approaches to data modeling, such as GARCH, CAPM, and factor models, and modern machine learning and deep learning solutions.]]>

Linux Kernel Debugging
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 591, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Kaiwan N Billimoria
The Linux kernel is at the very core of arguably the world's best production-quality OS. Debugging it, though, can be a complex endeavor. Linux Kernel Debugging is a comprehensive guide to learning all about advanced kernel debugging.]]>

Learn Wireshark - Second Edition
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 538, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Lisa Bock
Wireshark is a popular and powerful packet analysis tool that helps network administrators investigate latency issues and potential attacks. Over the years, there have been many enhancements to Wireshark's functionality.]]>

Machine Learning at Scale with H2O
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 376, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Gregory Keys, David Whiting
H2O is an open-source, fast, and scalable machine learning and predictive analytics platform that allows you to build machine learning models using big data and provides easy productionalization of those models in an enterprise environment.]]>

Django 4 By Example - Fourth Edition
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 794, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Antonio Melé
Django 4 by Example is the 4th edition of the best-selling franchise that helps you build web apps. This book will walk you through the creation of real-world applications, solving common problems, and implementing best practices using a step-by-step approach.]]>

Learn Computer Forensics - Second Edition
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 395, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: William Oettinger
Computer Forensics, being a broad topic, involves a variety of skills which will involve seizing electronic evidence, acquiring data from electronic evidence, data analysis, and finally developing a forensic report.]]>

Wiadomosci, Bankowość i finanse, Komputery i internet, Motoryzacja, Film, Rozrywka. '-'.'